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Here’s my Equation to writing and living a life:

Me + My Pen = A Life.

People would usually wonder how I run on. I used to be one of those writers who can swish many words per minute.

The thing is I too have a demanding life to live apart from work…

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Introduction to Erotica

Enacting sex is as old as doing it.

Cavemen did orgies, ancient Greeks patronize erotic poems, in…

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Reblogged from PhoenixPen:

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The CopyWriting Cheat Sheet from my Guru source is back! I will share the Part 2 of the Infographics.

After getting the gist why Creating a Compelling Headline is a NECESSITY, why not go further into the Copywriting 101component…

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Daily Erotica| Tribecca by Erotica Eve

Daily Erotica Short Stories Online
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I run through the list and picked a…

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Erotica Eve: I am a Woman and I am Powerful. Discover A Woman Behind Every Man.

They Say That A Woman Can Tear A Nation Apart.

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